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Annual President's Reception and Buffet Dinner

Saturday 9th December 2017, Weetwood Hall Leeds

Tickets for this year's President's Reception & the Society's Annual General Dinner following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) are now available for a cost of £25 per person.

The dinner will be a hot buffet, similar to the three previous years, however the final details are still unconfirmed. Once the finalised menu is received it will be circulated to members.

Tickets can be purchased at the BGS Keyworth meeting on 11th November 2017, or contact the General Secretary for further details.

Weetwood Hall have reserved three standard rooms for use by members wishing to stay overnight; Bed & Breakfast is offered at a reduced rate of £96 per room (single or double occupancy), or £116 for a Superior Room. You must book before 18th November 2017 and mention that you are attending the Yorkshire Geological Society event to take advantage of the reduced rates.

For contact details see Weetwood Hall's website.

A Word From Our President

Summer 2017 has seen some significant improvements in the online presence of our internationally renowned and respected journal, Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society (PYGS).

Back in June, the look and feel of the whole Lyell Collection of online geoscience journals underwent a major refresh. This introduced improved searching, indexing and citation tools, and major enhancements in the readability and functions available for smartphone and tablet users. This was followed in early August by the introduction of online submission of articles for our Proceedings. This now brings PYGS on a par with the other journals published through the Geological Society of London and will greatly streamline both the speed of the editorial process and consistency of production standards for PYGS online. Accepted papers also now appear ‘Online First’ (see drop down menu under ‘Content’), significantly in advance of their publication in print, and the production line of articles submitted to PYGS remains in a very healthy state.

The top ten list of ‘Most cited’ PYGS articles (and the papers themselves) make fascinating reading. Aligning with the Society’s objectives, it is populated by papers that emphasise northern England geology but each carrying a wider scientific significance and impact. Bill Ramsbottom’s seminal 1977 paper on ‘Major Cycles of transgression and regression (Mesothems) in the Namurian’ remains at number one. It takes time of course to accumulate citations so a paper published now may take many years to assail the top ten. This may be a challenge for new authors to aspire to but, without a doubt, there is internationally leading science still to be done on northern England’s geology. For an interesting contrast, a look at the top ten ‘Most read’ articles reveals a diverse list of papers, society business, obituaries and presidential addresses and demonstrates the wider appeal of PYGS to the Society’s general membership, as well as its role as a respected geoscience journal.

For further information about online submission to PYGS, see the update by our new Editor in-Chief, Steve Donovan, in this Circular and the PYGS front page on the online Lyell Collection

Dr. Andrew Howard, President

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Please find below recent society news and information directly from the YGS Facebook page. If you would like to join in with any discussions about the geology of Yorkshire, or share any interesting photographs you may have, please feel free to post a message on our Facebook page.

The Society also operates a member’s email list to help keep members informed of Society news and changes to the events programme. The system is administered through the national Joint Academic Computer Network (JICSMAIL) on behalf of the Society, and allows both Council and registered members to communicate directly.

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